Parasite93 Club X

English version (by Steve)
This version is provide for information only.
Only the French version is valid in case of problem.

How to become a member free of charge ?

To become a member free of charge for 3 months.
Send 15 GOOD QUALITY pics of yourself.
The pics should follow the genre of the site i.e. lycra, shorts, tracksuits.

You MUST attach the pictures with the heading:


I am an adult and I authorise the owner of to distribute the photographs sent with this e-mail.
I am aware that the photos that I send will be visible only in's paying sections.
I authorise to use sections of my photos for promotional purposes only
in the free access part of the site.
I can at any time ask for my pictures to be removed from the site by simple e-mail to webmaster.
The act of removing my photos will cancel my subscription.
I guarantee to hold (retain) the legal rights of the photos of the subject in the photographs and absolve
of any responsibility in case of any dispute arising with the subject of the photographs.
In exchange for the publication of my photos on
I will receive codes to access for a subscription of 3 months to the paying sections of the site.
By clicking "Send", I sign electronically, my agreement to the terms of the present contract."

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